jswisher (Janet Swisher)

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  • Austin, Texas USA
  • IRC: jms or jswisher

I help foster community among contributors to MDN.

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Concurrency model and Event Loop

Revert to revision of 2015-02-06 12:43:37 by fscholz: "Incorrect correction. "form" is a verb; changing it to "from" makes a non-sentence."


Revert to revision of 2015-06-22 17:29:15 by teoli: "Spam tags"

How to create an MDN account

Copy edit. Why do we say Wikipedia is not free content? It is CC-BY-SA, like MDN. That means it would need to be attributed.


Deleted a bunch of style cruft due to copy-paste. Hope I didn't accidentally delete any content in the process

Connect with Mozilla

Light update, remove calendar listing