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    The preference system makes it possible to store data for Mozilla applications using a key/value pairing system. These articles provide information about how to use the preference system.


    Preferences system
    An introduction to using the preference system in Mozilla.
    XUL School: Handling preferences
    The XUL School tutorial chapter on preferences.
    Mozilla preference reference
    A reference guide to all Mozilla preferences; currently a work in progress.
    A brief guide to Mozilla preferences
    An introductory guide to where preferences are stored and other useful information about the core preference system.
    Using preferences from application code
    Firefox 6 introduced static functions for accessing preferences efficiently from within application code. This API is not available for add-ons, but if you're working on a Gecko application, this API is the preferred way to access preferences.
    Mozilla networking preferences
    A guide to key networking-related preferences.
    Mozilla preferences for uber-geeks
    A guide to preferences that only truly elite geeks should play with.

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    Code snippets
    Preference-related code snippets.
    Adding preferences to an extension
    How to add preferences to an existing extension.


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