netconstructor (Christian Hochfilzer)

  • Co-Founder / Director of Strategy & Development
  • San Diego, CA - Rancho Santa Fe
  • IRC: Christian Hochfilzer

NetConstructor is a San Diego based company founded by Christian Hochfilzer, Leo Baghdassarian and Kris Fredrickson and is composed of a tightly-knit group of talented and experienced professionals in the realm of (UX) design, web, mobile, and large scale application developments / ETL integration. At the heart of NetConstructor is the simple belief that results speak for themselves. We understand that regardless of how aesthetically pleasing an advertisement or website may be, or how much theoretical sense the technique makes, unless the campaign produces the desired results, it has failed.

At NetConstructor, we pride ourselves in utilizing technology to develop innovative ROI-focused solutions that help our clients embrace the constantly evolving business place. We measure success by results. As such, we maintain an acute focus on how what we’re doing will have an impact where it counts: your bottom line.

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