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The Browser Toolbox is like the normal Toolbox, but applied to the whole browser rather than a single content tab. It enables you to run the normal Firefox Developer Tools in the context of the browser as a whole, rather than a single web page. This enables you to debug add-ons and the browser's own JavaScript code, rather than just web pages.

Opening the Browser Toolbox

The Browser Toolbox is not enabled by default. To enable it:

  • open the Toolbox settings
  • check Enable chrome debugging and Enable remote debugging

Now you should see a new item in the Web Developer menu in Firefox labeled "Browser Toolbox".

Click the menu item and you'll be presented with a dialog like this (this can be removed by setting the devtools.debugger.prompt-connection property to false):

Click OK, and the Browser Toolbox will open in its own window:

You'll see, and be able to debug, all the JavaScript files loaded by the browser itself and by any add-ons that are running. Altogether you will have access to the following developer tools:



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