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    Welcome to the Mozilla Developer Center. Also known by its project name, "Devmo" (short for "DEVeloper.Mozilla.Org"), this site has been designed to be a comprehensive, usable, accurate, and valuable resource for web developers.

    Welkom bij het Mozilla Developer Center. Ook bekend bij zijn project naam, "Devmo" (kort voor "DEVeloper.Mozilla.Org"), deze site is gemaakt om te dienen als een uitbundige, bruikbare, nauwkeurige en waardevolle bron voor web ontwikkelaars.

    == Project Geschiedenis == The Mozilla Developer Center (a.k.a. ''Devmo'') project started in early 2005, when the Mozilla Foundation obtained a license from AOL to use the original DevEdge content. The DevEdge content was mined for still-useful material, which was then migrated by volunteers into this wiki so it would be easier to update and maintain. Since then, the project has continued growing and now forms a central nexus for all developer documentation related to the Mozilla Project and Mozilla technologies. In time, it is hoped that the Mozilla Developer Center will become a resource that web designers, application developers, and extension and theme writers visit on a daily basis. == How to Help == There are a number of different ways that you can help this project: # Migrate existing developer documentation from the website into the wiki. # Contribute new content, either from the documentation wishlist or of your own devising. # Do technical reviews of our existing content, providing your expertise to verify or correct the documentation we already have. # Do editorial reviews of our existing content, helping us improve the writing, grammar, and overall quality of the documentation in this wiki. # Translate documentation. We have a number of wikis set up to support the translation of our documentation into a variety of languages, in the hopes that eventually everything will be translated into as many languages as possible.

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