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grrd's Puzzle

grrd’s Puzzle is a HTML5 jigsaw puzzle game.

Gebouwd met behulp van JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, Mobiel, Bestanden

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grrd’s Puzzle is a HTML5 jigsaw puzzle game for your smartphone, tablet or desktop. You can choose from various images or play with your own pictures at the level of difficulty of your choice. It uses the canvas-element with the kinetic.js framework and scales dynamically to run fullscreen on any device.
Settings are stored in the HTML5 localStorage. The exif-information of local images is used to rotate them if needed. On FirefoxOS-Devices, the pick-activity is used to load local images.

Now available on Firefox Maketplace:
and Chrome Web Store:

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  1. Darbicus zei:

    Cool, but I wish you had used a randomized shape rather than all the shapes being exactly the same. You could use my code here also here to generate random shapes that look like natural puzzle pieces(or maybe just more challenging pieces).
  2. grrd zei:

    Hi Darbicus
    Thanks for your comment! The shape of each piece is defined by 8 bezier curves. Shifting these point by some random pixels should not be too difficult. However, this is not the direction my project will develop in the near future. Currently I'm working on publishing this in Demo in different WebApp-Stores like Chrome, Amazon and the brandnew FirefoxOS. And when I'm done with this, I'll try to create native iPhone/Android apps with PhoneGap.

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