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Compression in HTTP

Corrected Vary header to “Accept-Encoding”; passive to active voice for readability


Revise description to clarify that Array.map works on elements which are not missing, i.e. have been set and not deleted. It does work on elements set to `undefined`. See http://es5.github.io/#x15.4.4.19


Minor grammar correction (it's → its)


3rd attempt: “`border-box` h & w props include c, p & b but not m. `content-box` h & w props include c but not p, b or m. `margin-box` h & w props include c, p, b & m. `padding-box` h & w props include c & p but not b or m.”


Corrected meaning of `margin-box` description (it was the same as `content-box`) and re-ordered content, padding, border and margin to be in that order in descriptions for better readability.