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This page lists archived content for the Firefox OS product, and the open source project it is based on, B2G OS. For current B2G OS material, see the B2G OS page.

This page lists obsolete Firefox OS/B2G OS APIs that have been removed from the platform.
Automated Testing of B2G OS
This page offers articles that provide information about various aspects of testing B2G OS, including running different tests, automation, and result reporting and tracking.
B2G OS phone guide
This section contains developer information relevant to specific phones that run B2G OS — both developer and consumer devices.
Debugging on Firefox OS
There are two main types of debugging you'll want to with Firefox OS: debugging apps, and debugging other aspects of the system.
Developing Firefox OS
This section provides useful documentation covering different ways in which Firefox OS (codename Boot2Gecko, or B2G) can be modified/customized during the build process, and how you can help to develop the low level platform areas such as Gecko and Gonk.
Firefox OS apps
This section of the Firefox OS docs covers the specific techniques required — and available tools — for building Firefox OS apps. You'll find a number of details below, from Firefox OS building blocks/web components, to device APIs and App installation.
Firefox OS developer release notes
This section provides articles covering each new release of Gaia and Gecko for Firefox OS, explaining what features were added and bugs eliminated in each update. There is also a linked summary table showing what APIs are supported by each version of Firefox OS.
Introduction to Firefox OS
This set of documentation is aimed mainly at web developers and platform developers who want to learn how Firefox OS works, how to contribute to the project, and how to build their own custom versions of the software and install it on devices. For those who want to create and distribute their own web apps, the App Center and Marketplace Zone are good places to go.
The B2G OS platform
The B2G OS platform consists of many components. While you don't need to understand its architecture in order to build applications that run on B2G OS, if you're working on developing or porting the platform — or are simply curious — the following documentation may be of interest to you.

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