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  • MDN Changelog for November 2018

    MDN wraps up a year of hard work by shipping monthly MDN payments, converting from Font Awesome to SVG, adding browser names to compatibility tables, and growing the development team. Thanks to every one of the contributors who've helped us make MDN Web Docs better than ever in 2018. The ...

  • Firefox 64 Released

    The year's last release of Firefox bundles together goodies for all, including multi-tab management in the interface, new CSS features, devtools improvements, better privacy protections, add-ons updates, and much, much more. Read all about it! The post Firefox 64 Released appeared first on Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog.

  • Rust 2018 is here… but what is it?

    Starting today, the Rust 2018 edition is in its first release. With this edition, we’ve focused on making Rust developers as productive as they can be. Most of the language changes are completely compatible with existing Rust code. Because they don’t break any code, they also work in any Rust ...

  • LPCNet: DSP-Boosted Neural Speech Synthesis

    LPCNet is a new project out of Mozilla’s Emerging Technologies group — an efficient neural speech synthesiser with reduced complexity over some of its predecessors. Neural speech synthesis models have already demonstrated impressive speech synthesis quality, but their computational complexity has made them hard to use in real-time, especially on ...

  • Decentralizing Social Interactions with ActivityPub

    ActivityPub is a W3C standard protocol that describes ways for different social network sites (loosely defined) to talk to and interact with one another. ActivityPub aims to do for social network interactions what RSS did for content, and is being used today to power alternative social networks like Mastodon and ...

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