1. Why is MDN asking me for money?


    MDN is seeking direct support from our users. We’d like to accelerate our growth and extend the maintenance of MDN’s content and platform, with assistance from those who use it.

    Our user base has grown exponentially in the last few years and we have a large list of improvements we’d like to make. While MDN is currently wholly funded by Mozilla, and has been from the beginning, we’d like to create a closer, more collaborative relationship between our audience (that’s you!), our content (written for you and sometimes by you), and our supporters (also, you, again)-- to accelerate those improvements.

  2. How is my payment handled? Is it secure?


    All payment information goes through payment processor Stripe, and a record of your payment will be stored by Mozilla. Mozilla does not receive or store your credit card number.

  3. What data is Mozilla collecting about me?


    Mozilla will collect and store your name and email, which will be used to send transactional emails (e.g. receipts and notifications). Mozilla will not have access to or store your credit card number.

  4. What does the money go towards?


    The money collected through MDN (minus processing fees, taxes, etc.) will be reinvested back into MDN. We will publish a monthly report on MDN Web Docs showing what work was completed.

  5. Can I help MDN by donating to the Mozilla Foundation?


    The Mozilla Foundation and MDN are separate organizations and programs. Donations to the Mozilla Foundation are tax-deductible in the U.S. to the fullest extent permitted by law, and go to support Mozilla public and charitable programs in one general fund. MDN is part of Mozilla Corporation and payments to MDN are not used in Mozilla’s charitable programs but are reinvested into MDN’s content, tools, and platform.

  6. Is support of MDN tax-deductible?


    No. Payments to Mozilla Corporation in support of MDN are not tax deductible in the United States or other countries.

  7. What will MDN user funding pay for?


    Currently, Mozilla pays for site operations and overhead (including staff writers and web developers). MDN user payments will fund accelerating current projects or launching new ones, including:

    • Adding more content, and updating current content
    • Improving performance of the site
    • Modernizing the MDN platform
    • Adding offline access to MDN
    • Supporting integrations with popular developer tools
    • More tutorials and guides
    • Training and webinars
  8. Why can’t you just open a Crowdsourcing campaign?


    Because we aren’t looking for a lump sum. Our goal is to create a broad base of financial support from the people who benefit from the work of MDN.

  9. How has MDN been funded to date?


    MDN is funded out of the Mozilla Corporation general budget (and has been since it was founded in 2005). Mozilla Corporation intends to continue to financially support MDN into the future, even as we broaden and diversify the sources of MDN funding. We just want to do more things with you and for you!

  10. How does Mozilla make money?


    The Mozilla Corporation, which funds MDN, makes money primarily from royalties from search providers on Firefox (such as Google, Amazon, DuckDuckGo, and others).

    Separately, the Mozilla Foundation is a not-for-profit, making its money primarily from donations and royalties from Mozilla Corporation. As a not-for-profit, the Mozilla Foundation reports these revenues publicly every trailing year, as in our most recent 2018 Mozilla Annual Report.

Monthly payments

  1. How do I manage my monthly subscription?


    If you would like to manage your monthly subscription, such as changing your card account details, you will need to cancel your subscription and sign up again using the new card details. To cancel, go to the manage monthly subscription page, or if you have any questions please contact mdn-support@mozilla.com.

  2. How do I apply for a refund or cancel my subscription?


    You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Please go to the manage monthly subscription page to cancel your subscription. If you choose to cancel, we will not charge your payment card for subsequent months. For any other questions or inquiries please contact support.

  3. What are the payment terms?


    Please read our payment terms for more information.

  4. Does deleting my MDN account cancel my monthly subscription?


    When you request to delete your account we will also cancel your monthly subscription and not charge you for subsequent months.