ECMAScript 2015 support in Mozilla

ECMAScript 2015 is the sixth edition of the ECMAScript Language Specification standard. It defines the standard for the JavaScript implementation in SpiderMonkey, the engine used in Firefox and other Mozilla applications.

Code-named "", "Harmony", or "ECMAScript 6", the first working draft (based on ECMAScript 5.1) was published on July 12, 2011 as "". In August 2014, the ECMAScript 2015 draft specification was feature frozen and went through a stabilization and bug fixing period. Finally, ECMA-262 Edition 6 got officially approved and published as a standard on June 17, 2015 by the ECMA General Assembly. It will also appear as the international industry standard ISO/IEC 16262:2016.

PDF and HTML version of the standard can be freely downloaded on

ECMAScript 표준에 대한 피드백 채널은 es-discuss을 이용하시면 됩니다.

표준 라이브러리

Array 객체 추가사항

새로운 MapSet 객체 그리고 WeakMap과 WeakSet 객체

새로운 Math 함수

Number 객체 추가사항

Object 객체 추가사항


Date 객체 추가사항


새로운 Promise 객체


새로운 Proxy 객체


새로운 Reflect 객체



RegExp 객체 추가사항

String 객체 추가사항

새로운 Symbol 객체

형식화된 배열

형식화된 배열은 ECMAScript 2015의 일부로 지정되었고, 더 이상 자신의 기존 명세서를 따르지 않습니다.

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