New in JavaScript 1.5

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다음은 JavaScript 1.5의 변경 내역입니다. 이 버전은 2000년 11월 14일에 출시된 Netscape Navigator 6.0과 그 이 후 버전 그리고 Firefox 1.0에 포함되어 있습니다. You can compare JavaScript 1.5 to JScript version 5.5 and Internet Explorer 5.5, which was released in July 2000. 해당하는 ECMA 표준은 ECMA-262 Edition 3(1999년 12월 이후) 입니디.

New features in JavaScript 1.5

Changed functionality in JavaScript 1.5

  • Runtime errors are now reported as exceptions.
  • Regular Expression changes:
    • Quantifiers — +, *, ? and {} — can now be followed by a ? to force them to be non-greedy.
    • Non-capturing parentheses, (?:x) can be used instead of capturing parentheses, (x). When non-capturing parentheses are used, matched subexpressions are not available as back-references.
    • Positive and negative lookahead assertions are supported. Both assert a match depending on what follows the string being matched.
    • The m flag has been added to specify that the regular expression should match over multiple lines.
  • Functions can now be declared inside an if clause.
  • Functions can now be declared inside an expression.