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The NetworkInformation interface provides information about the connection a device is using to communicate with the network and provides a means for scripts to be notified if the connection type changes. The NetworkInformation interfaces cannot be instantiated. It is instead accessed through the connection property of the Navigator interface.

참고: 이 기능은 Web Worker에서 사용할 수 있습니다


This interface also inherits properties of its parent, EventTarget.

Returns the effective bandwidth estimate in megabits per second, rounded to the nearest multiple of 25 kilobits per seconds.

NetworkInformation.downlinkMax (en-US) 읽기 전용

Returns the maximum downlink speed, in megabits per second (Mbps), for the underlying connection technology.

NetworkInformation.effectiveType (en-US) 읽기 전용

Returns the effective type of the connection meaning one of 'slow-2g', '2g', '3g', or '4g'. This value is determined using a combination of recently observed round-trip time and downlink values.

NetworkInformation.rtt (en-US) 읽기 전용

Returns the estimated effective round-trip time of the current connection, rounded to the nearest multiple of 25 milliseconds.

NetworkInformation.saveData (en-US) 읽기 전용

Returns true if the user has set a reduced data usage option on the user agent.

NetworkInformation.type (en-US) 읽기 전용

Returns the type of connection a device is using to communicate with the network. It will be one of the following values:

  • bluetooth
  • cellular
  • ethernet
  • none
  • wifi
  • wimax
  • other
  • unknown

Event handlers

NetworkInformation.onchange (en-US)

The event that's fired when connection information changes and the change (en-US) is fired on this object.


This interface also inherits methods of its parent, EventTarget.


Network Information API
# networkinformation-interface

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