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We are planning to deprecate the use by Firefox add-ons of the techniques described in this document. Don't write new add-ons that use these techniques.

The following items are accessible in the context of chrome://browser/content/debugger.xul (or, in version 23 beta, chrome://browser/content/devtools/debugger.xul):

  • window.addEventListener("Debugger:EditorLoaded") - called when the read-only script panel loaded.
  • window.addEventListener("Debugger:EditorUnloaded")

Relevant files:

  • chrome://browser/content/devtools/debugger-controller.js
  • chrome://browser/content/devtools/debugger-toolbar.js
  • chrome://browser/content/devtools/debugger-view.js
  • chrome://browser/content/devtools/debugger-panes.js

Unfortunately there is not yet any API to evaluate watches/expressions within the debugged scope, or highlight elements on the page that are referenced as variables in the debugged scope. (currently a work in progress, see bug 653545.)

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