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MDN을 사랑하세요? Mozilla 개발자 네트워크들을 홍보하기 위한 자료들을 공유하여 오픈 웹을 더욱 풍성하게 만드는 것을 도와주세요! 배경화면, 스티커, 포스터, 애니메이션, 배너, 여기에 있는 모든것들.

MDN에 대해서 또는 웹기술을 위한 관련 Wiki를 만드는 것에 도움을 주는 방법에 대하여 더 알아보고 싶으신가요?

WordPress 플러그인

The WordPress를 위한Promote MDN 플러그인  blogs is available to help people who blog about Web technologies or Mozilla-related products both promote their own blogs as well as MDN itself. It works in two ways:

  1. When you publish a blog post, it automatically links key terms (such as "HTML", "JavaScript", and "CSS", among others) to the appropriate pages on MDN. This lets you write about Web technologies and automatically link to relevant documentation without having to do anything yourself. It's incredibly useful! The terms and their destination pages on MDN are configured using a special page here on MDN.
  2. A special "Notify Mozilla of this post" checkbox is added to post editing pages; this option sends an email to the PR and MDN teams at Mozilla, so we can, if appropriate, mention your blog post in promotional material, tweet about it, and so forth. Checking this box doesn't guarantee a mention, but it will certainly call it to the attention of the right people!

Installing this plugin is helpful to you and to MDN both, so if you haven't already installed it, you should! If you want to help code on the plugin, go to the wp-promote-mdn GitHub repo.

JavaScript 자료

The recommended way to automatically link keywords to MDN pages is the Promote MDN WordPress plugin given above, but if your site or blog isn't running on WordPress, you can embed the JavaScript code below to do the same thing. This script does the same thing as the WordPress plugin; it converts known keywords in the page's content into links to the appropriate documentation on MDN.

You can configure the maximum number of keywords to turn into links by changing the value of maxLinks in the options object, o. You can also specify the elements to search, the class to use for the created link, and a set of additional keywords and target URLs to scan for.

To use this snippet, just embed it right before your closing </body> tag at the end of your content.

    (function (d,f,a) {
        // Your settings here
        var o = {maxLinks: 4, searchElements: ['div', 'h'], linkClass: 
'link-to-mdn', extraLinks: {'keywordx': ''}};

        var s=d.createElement("script");s.type="text/javascript";if(s.f)

This snippet loads the primary code that does all the real work from Github. If you would prefer to host that code on your server yourself (for security, performance, etc.), just download the code from Github, add it to your site, and adjust the URL on line 9 of the code above to match.

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만일 당신이 당신의 웹사이트에 프로모션 이미지를 사용하여 MDN으로 링크를 걸고 싶다면, 우리는 당신이 선택할 수 있는 몇가지 이미지를 준비해 두었습니다 :

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MDN과 링크되어있는 배너들을 사용하는 것에 부담가지지 마세요!

데스크탑 배경화면

2006 Firefox Developer's Summit에서 Chris Beard가 발안하고 Sean Martell이 디자인 하였습니다. 이 그림은 2007년에 개최된 SWSW conference에서 많은 사람들의 호옹을 받았습니다. 이제 데스크탑 배경화면으로 다양한 사이즈가 준비되어 있습니다.

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