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정말 있으면 하는 우리가 놓친 특정(specific) 항목이나 문서가 있나요? 아래 list에 보태세요. 흥미 있는 주제에 관한 문서가 없다 확신하지 않는 한, 먼저 관련 뉴스그룹과(이나) MDC mailing list에 부탁하세요. 또한, 이해하기 쉽게 요청서를 작성하시고 필요하다면 요청에 대한 더 긴 해설을 링크해 주세요.

Fulfill a wish

MDC에 새 내용을 기여하고 싶지만 어디서 시작할지 확신이 없으세요? 아래 list에서 주제 하나를 고르시고 조사하여 써 올리세요! 작성을 끝내면, 목록에서 항목을 지워 주세요.

기여하고 싶지만 완전한 새 문서를 작성하고 싶진 않다면, to do list을 보세요.

프로젝트 참여나 시작에 관한 더 많은 정보는 how to help을 보세요.


  • JavaScript
    • E4x
      • Introduction to E4X
      • E4X tutorial
    • Introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript
    • Modifying Object Prototypes in JavaScript
  • Introduction to AJAX (we have AJAX:Getting Started, but could use something more elaborate maybe)
  • SVG
    • Introduction to SVG: Part 1 What is SVG and how do I create SVG content
    • Introduction to SVG: Part 2 How can I (dynamically) handle/modify SVG content
    • SVG tutorial
  • CSS
    • Using CSS Counters (started, but needs expanding)
    • pseudo-class description in CSS
    • CSS Reference (this is under development already, but could use a lot more content)
  • Fix the DOM Reference.
    • An entry for document.createElementNS (done)
    • Rework of the documentation, so that you will not end up with phrases that are completely undocumented like "DOM client area" for example (6 google hits, all of which are pure references, non being a definition).
  • Mozilla development
    • Short page talking about the subset of doxygen markup that we use in IDL files
    • Docs for tree-wide preprocessor macros (NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS, NS_ASSERTION, NS_SUCCEEDED, NS_ADDREF, NS_RELEASE, etc.) -- probably their definitions if not too abstruse and a brief description of use
    • Docs for tree-wide types (PRBool, PRUint32, nsresult, whatever other non-class non-standard types are used)
    • 'Bird's-eye view' articles on the architecture of the browser, of mail&news, etc.
  • Misc
    • Tips & Tricks for creating usable interfaces
    • Drag and Drop of objects within tabs (what does this mean?)
    • some doc/example for selectedIndex in Javascript DOM (which selectedIndex?)