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    Note: This structure is only used on Unix platforms.

    Contains information about the plug-in's Unix window environment.


    typedef struct
        int32         type;
        Display*      display;
        Visual*       visual;
        Colormap      colormap;
        unsigned int  depth;
    } NPSetWindowCallbackStruct;


    The data structure has the following fields:

    Always contains NP_SetWindow.
    Standard X Toolkit attribute. Pointer to the Display structure that represents the browser-server connection.
    Standard X Toolkit attribute. X Visual for the plug-in window or drawable.
    Standard X Toolkit attribute. Colormap for the plug-in window or drawable.
    Standard X Toolkit attribute. Depth of the plug-in window or drawable.


    Callback structures are used to pass platform-specific information. The NPSetWindowCallbackStruct object, allocated by the browser, contains information required for the ws_info field of an NPWindow.

    The NPP_SetWindow() function passes a pointer to this structure to the plug-in. The structure is valid for the lifetime of the NPWindow, that is, until NPP_SetWindow() is called again or the instance is destroyed.

    The type field of this structure always contains NP_SetWindow. The remaining fields are Standard X Toolkit attributes of the top-level shell window in the browser window hierarchy.

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