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Invalidates the specified portion of the plugin's drawing area, adding it to the region that needs to be redrawn when the plugin next repaints its contents.


#include <npapi.h>
void NPN_InvalidateRect(NPP instance,
                        NPRect *invalidRect);


The function has the following parameters:

Pointer to the plug-in instance to invalidate a portion of.
The area to invalidate, specified in a coordinate system that originates at the top left of the plug-in's content area.


Before a windowless plug-in can repaint or refresh part of its drawing area, the plug-in must first invalidate the area with either NPN_InvalidateRect() or NPN_InvalidateRegion().

NPN_InvalidateRect() causes the NPP_HandleEvent() method to pass an update event or a paint message to the plug-in. After calling this method, the plug-in receives a paint message asynchronously.

The browser redraws invalid areas of the document and any windowless plug-ins at regularly timed intervals. To immediately send a paint message, the plug-in can call NPN_ForceRedraw() after calling this method.

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