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Closes and deletes a stream.


#include <npapi.h>
NPError NPN_DestroyStream(NPP     instance, 
                          NPStream* stream, 
                          NPError   reason);


The function has the following parameters:

Pointer to current plug-in instance.
Pointer to current stream, initiated by either the browser or the plug-in.
Reason the stream was stopped so the application can give the user appropriate feedback. Values:
  • NPRES_DONE (most common): Stream completed normally; all data was sent by the plug-in to the browser.
  • NPRES_USER_BREAK: Plug-in is terminating the stream due to a user request.
  • NPRES_NETWORK_ERR: Stream failed due to network problems.


  • If successful, the function returns NPERR_NO_ERROR.
  • If unsuccessful, the plug-in is not loaded and the function returns an error code. For possible values, see Error Codes.


The plug-in calls the NPN_DestroyStream() function to close and delete a stream. This stream can be either a stream that the browser created and passed to the plug-in in NPP_NewStream(), or a stream created by the plug-in through a call to NPN_NewStream().

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