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So you've figured out how you'll make your app a success, chosen how to deliver it and seen the options for delivering it beyond Firefox OS, and written and tested your code. Now it's time to make it available to users worldwide and publish it on Firefox Marketplace. This section provides a guide to all the tasks you need to perform to publish and update your Open Web Apps on Firefox Marketplace, as well as useful additional information.

출판 가이드

Submission checklist
This checklist will help you prepare for submitting your app.
Marketplace review
Understand the process and criteria used when your app is reviewed.

정책 및 가이드라인

Icons (App Center)
Get details of the icon sizes required for various releases of Firefox OS.
Icon design (Mozilla Style Guide)
Your app or in-app product icons may follow a circlar or square design, find out more from the Mozilla Style Guide.
Privacy Policies
If your app uses personal data about a user, it must have a privacy policy. These guidelines cover the information you need to include in your app's privacy policy.
Screenshot guidelines
These guidelines provide information on the best approaches to the screenshots  you include in your app's Marketplace listing.
App testing and troubleshooting
These guidelines provide information on setting up a test environment, testing your app and troubleshooting issues you may find.

앱 제출

App submission process guide
So you're ready to publish your first app, or want to publish an app with a packaging method or features you haven't used before, get step-by-step instructions for submitting your app to Firefox Marketplace.

앱 업데이트하기

Updating apps
Maintaining the momentum behind your app means offering users regular updates; for new features and, although we all hope not, bug fixes. This page provides the information you need on how to deliver your app updates through Firefox Marketplace.

출시된 앱 관리

App management guide
Your app is published and you now want to make changes or find out how well it's been received. In this section discover how to change your app status, review statistics, and check your reviews and ratings on Firefox Marketplace.

추가 도구

Adding a subdomain for your app
If you want to offer more than one hosted app from your website, you'll need to create a subdomain for each one. This page explains how.


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