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    Add-on SDK

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    Using the Add-on SDK you can create Firefox add-ons using standard Web technologies: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The SDK includes JavaScript APIs which you can use to create add-ons, and tools for creating, running, testing, and packaging add-ons.


    Create user interface components
    Create user interface components such as toolbar buttons, context menus, menu items, and dialogs.
    Modify web pages
    Modify pages matching a URL pattern or dynamically modify a particular tab.
    Putting it together
    Walkthrough of the Annotator example add-on.


    Contributor's guide
    Learn how to start contributing to the SDK, and about the most important idioms used in the SDK code, such as modules, classes and inheritance, private properties, and content processes.
    SDK infrastructure
    Aspects of the SDK's underlying technology: modules, the Program ID, and the rules defining Firefox compatibility.
    Content scripts
    A detailed guide to working with content scripts.


    High-Level APIs
    Reference documentation for the high-level SDK APIs.
    Tools reference
    Reference documentation for the cfx tool used to develop, test, and package add-ons, the console global used for logging, and the package.json file.
    Low-Level APIs
    Reference documentation for the low-level SDK APIs.


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