XULRunner Hall of Fame

This is an archived page. It's not actively maintained.


XULRunner 기반 프로그램


  • AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF)
    • A part of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP)
  • Benjamin's XULRunner examples
    • "mybrowser is a very simple example browser", xulmine
  • Exch
  • OpenDocument Viewer
    • Cross-platform viewer for OpenDocument files.
  • TaskPool
    • TaskPool is a little application to help keep track of time. You can add tasks to a pool, turn them on and off, and it will tick off seconds.
  • SVGclock
    • An SVG-based clock.
  • Crowbar
    • A web scraping environment based on the use of a server-side headless mozilla-based browser.
  • 30b
    • A XULRunner-based wrapper for 30boxes.com
  • XUL Explorer
    • "a lightweight XUL IDE... an easy way to experiment with XUL"
  • Foxkeh Clock (for Japanese page)
    • A clock application based charactor Foxkeh.
  • WebRunner
    • A simple, minimal web browser shell or "Single site browser." Useful for running web applications such as gmail in a separate browser process.