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This demo pretends to show the potential to access the camera using the Camera API

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It is an application which helps maintaining a price history for the products you usually consume.

The use is simple, click on the camera icon to take a photo of the product code bar. You can also more easily write the code in the input text just to the right. I’ve left some test codes already filled: 1111111111116, 1111111111123 y 1111111111130.

If it’s the first time you add the product, you should enter its name. You can also click on the space reserved to the photo and the camera will be activated to take a photo, and finally you should complete the date of purchase and the price.

If the product has already been created, a graphic will be displayed with the evolution of prices, where you could add how much did it cost this time, and you can change the photo or title/name of the product.

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