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Classical minesweeper game in Open Web Touch!

이용 기술 자바스크립트, CSS3, 모바일, 오프라인 지원, 디바이스,

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The classical Minesweeper game... tap to reveal a cell and tap-hold (long tap) to set a flag.
Best field size is auto selected based on your device screen. You can also adjust it before starting.

Generates a ranklist with best 5!
Future versions will able saving games, sharing in social media sites etc.

Current offline usage:
The complete game can be played offline. Uses webcache efficiently. Stores ranklist in device. Also, inter-state data transfer done using sessionStorage instead of queries.

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  1. BoringCode에 의한 댓글

    Love it, nice job. My only complaint is how ugly it looks on the desktop, although it looks fine on a mobile device.
    1. shafiul에 의한 댓글

      Thanks for the feedback! Can you tell me which pages are ugly (or maybe all of them!) & suggestions as well :)
      1. BoringCode에 의한 댓글

        It just looks really stretched out, I might set a max width or something along those lines.

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