Map My Day

Track and Visualize your stays with a Heatmap.

이용 기술 Geolocation, 자바스크립트, HTML5, 캔버스,

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Map My Day is a dev derby demo utilizing geolocation, localstorage and html canvas to let you track and visualize how long you spend time at specific places.

Use the "Check In" button to start tracking time. The time at your current position will then be tracked until you hit "Check Out". By default an entry of your current position with 10 seconds time will be added after initialization.

It uses heatmap.js, a project I wrote in my spare time for creating dynamic web heatmaps.
It also uses google maps v3 in order to display a map under the heatmap.

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    This 'demo' application is using the name of a trademarked and copyrighted mobile application by the name of Map My Day owned by A Girl & Her Sister, LLC out of Monmouth Beach, NJ.

    Please change the name of this application ASAP to avoid copyright infringement.

    Alexandra Rose, CEO
    A Girl & Her Sister, LLC
    Map My Day mobile app

    Forrest Ward, CEO
    Remote Consulting Technologies Incorporated
    developer for: Map My Day mobile app

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