Changing Screens with Media Queries

See how Apple Devices will look inside browsers

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The demo is mainly focused on the use of CSS Media Queries. Media Queries have advance option to apply different styles for different screen sizes or types. Interfaces of popular Apple Devices (iMac, iPad and iPhone) have been used to demonstrate it.

The demo can be seen in action when browser window size is resized. Different interfaces (styles) are applied for different screen sizes.

Note : iMac, iPad and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., Apple have inspired me and I have their designs and names in this project which is just for an educational purpose.

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  1. Aumkar에 의한 댓글

    Awesome Project!!!!
  2. Joshua-S에 의한 댓글

    Wow!!! Incredible demo.
  3. hendriono에 의한 댓글

    Awesome... Thanks for source code... I will learn more from your code...
  4. apnatorra에 의한 댓글

    Hi, can i use your code in my own project...????

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