Ifecka n tneflit n Firefox

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Ad yesled, ad yeẓreg, udiq ad iseɣti HTML, CSS, akked JavaScript ɣef uselkim neɣ aziraz. Ileqman ineggura n ifecka n tneflit, sider Firefox Developer Edition.

Ifecka n iɣes

Amaswaḍ n isebtar

Sken, Ẓreg agbur akked tneɣruft n usebter. Sikedet ugar timeszrit n usebtar aked daɣen tamudemt n tankult,imrayen ed amsebtar n iẓiki.

Tadiwent Web

Sikedtet inzan yettwaskelsen sɣuṛ asebtar Web u mayermed akked asebtar s useqdec n JavaScript..

Tamseɣtayt JavaScript

Ḥabset,lḥut u smerset angal JavaScript i teddu uselkem deg sebtar.

Asefrak Uzeṭṭa

Wali asuter n uzeṭṭa ig ttwasqadcen deg taccaṛt usebtar.

Ifecka n tmellit

Sebrurzet tastudmirt tamatut,a JavaScript ed tirebbawin amsebtar n usmel innek.

Askar n usali anferray

wali amek ara d iffeɣ u smel neɣ asnas u amek ara yeddu deg yal inawen n ibenkan ed azeṭṭa.

Ifecka nniḍen

allalen agi n usnesfli seɣerden deg Firefox.mačči am «allalen Core» sedaw-a,ur tezmirem ara atent sqedcem yal ass.

Guccelet tiɣawsiwin ay ṭfen takatut ig teddun..
Amaswad n uxzan
Inspect cookies, local storage, indexedDB, and session storage present in a page.
DOM Property Viewer
Inspect the page's DOM properties, functions, etc.
Developer Toolbar
A command-line interface for the developer tools.
Select a color from the page.
Amaẓṛag n umagrad yeseɣreden deg Firefox yettaǧǧa-kwen a-t arum u a-t selkemem JavaScriptt.
Style Editor
View and edit CSS styles for the current page.
Shader Editor
View and edit the vertex and fragment shaders used by WebGL.
Web Audio Editor
Examine the graph of audio nodes in an audio context, and modify their parameters.

Connecting the Developer Tools

If you open the developer tools using keyboard shortcuts or the equivalent menu items, they'll target the document hosted by the currently active tab. But you can attach the tools to a variety of other targets, too, both within the current browser and in different browsers or even different devices.

Debug add-ons, content tabs, and workers running in the browser.
Connecting to Firefox for Android
Connect the developer tools to an instance of Firefox running on an Android device.
Connecting to iframes
Connect the developer tools to a specific iframe in the current page.
Connecting to other browsers
Connect the developer tools to Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS.

Debugging the browser

By default, the developer tools are attached to a web page or web app. But you can also connect them to the browser as a whole. This is useful for browser and add-on development.

Browser Console
See messages logged by the browser itself and by add-ons, and run JavaScript code in the browser's scope.
Browser Toolbox
Attach the Developer Tools to the browser itself.

Extending the devtools

The developer tools are designed to be extensible. Firefox add-ons can access the developer tools and the components they use to extend existing tools and add new tools. With the remote debugging protocol, you can implement your own debugging clients and servers, enabling you to debug websites using your own tools or to debug different targets using the Firefox tools.

Example devtools add-ons
Use these examples to understand how to implement a devtools add-on.
Add a new panel to the devtools
Write an add-on that adds a new panel to the Toolbox.
Remote Debugging Protocol
The protocol used to connect the Firefox Developer Tools to a debugging target like an instance of Firefox or a Firefox OS device.
Source Editor
A code editor built into Firefox that can be embedded in your add-on.
The Debugger Interface
An API that lets JavaScript code observe the execution of other JavaScript code. The Firefox Developer Tools use this API to implement the JavaScript debugger.
Web Console custom output
How to extend and customize the output of the Web Console and the Browser Console.


If you want to help to improve the developer tools, these resources will get you started.

Get Involved
Mozilla wiki page explaining how to get involved.
A tool helping to find bugs to work on.