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Amagrad-agi yettak-d isalen ɣef Firefox 78 ara yeɛnun isneflayen. Firefox yeffeɣ-d di 30 Yunyu 2020.

Wali ugar New in Firefox 78: DevTools improvements, new regex engine, and abundant web platform updates deg Mozilla hacks.

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Other tools

  • The Accessibility inspector is out of beta. You can use it to check for various accessibility issues on your site. (bug 1602075)
  • Uncaught promise errors now provide all details in the Console, including their name and stack. (bug 1636590)





Service workers


  • Wasm Multi-value is now supported, meaning that WebAssembly functions can now return multiple values, and instruction sequences can consume and produce multiple stack values (bug 1628321).
  • WebAssembly now supports import and export of 64-bit integer function parameters (i64) using BigInt from JavaScript (bug 1608770).

TLS 1.0 and 1.1 removal

Changes for add-on developers

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