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madarche (Marc-Aurèle Darche)

Mozillian, member of the French speaking Libre Software Users' Association (AFUL) and Debian GNU-Linux user. I develop web standards valid and accessible web sites/web app, as well as pure AJAX applications.

On MDN I'm adding code and notes or updating content as I stumble upon documents needing update or when I find difficulties developing something that could apparently be more documented.

I was an active contributor to Mozmill, a testing tool and framework for writing automated tests for Gecko based applications (Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.) and I contributed tests for Firefox.

My aims are to help others, as much as I have been helped by Mozilla, and to make more and more people to decide on using the Mozilla platforms.

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Add that rejecting an instance of Error is also better for selective error catching


Add precision that trim removes all kinds of white space characters (space, no-break space, tabs, etc.) and all kinds of new lines/line terminators (LF, CR, etc.)

Using the application cache

More useful example for NETWORK section

Using the application cache

The "Cache Manifest Validator" detected an error on NETWORK that did not, so putting the "Cache Manifest Validator" first

Using the application cache

Fixed that the NETWORK section only accepts _one_ wildcard character cf. (but I don't know yet for the FALLBACK section)