alimd (Ali Mihandoost)

  • Adviser, Teacher and a Web Developer
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  • Iran
  • IRC: Ali.MD

I love web technology and I believe that is the most effective one on the future of all technologies.

I got started on the programming before I go to school and now, I'm member of Mozilla (Firefox OS), Google (Android), Apple (Safari) and Intel (Tizen) developers network.

I launched a consulting firm to help entrepreneurs with their strategy & operations and invested into startups.

I Love teaching, But most of all – I simply love to do cool stuff on the Web and to work with great people.

When I don't work you can find me learning, (ma|brea)king things, teaching something to someone, photographing, play fps games with my friends.

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Usando Web Workers

Usando Web Workers

Usando Web Workers

Usando Web Workers