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As MDN's developer documentation team lead, I help coordinate and plan documentation work, as well as producing docs and sample code for open Web developers, as well as open Web app developers, Firefox addon developers, and Firefox developers.

You can see what I've been up to here: If you happen to use Google+, I'm here:

I am also the non-destroyer of worlds!


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Taking still photos with WebRTC

more progress; getting rid of the repeating of code by having an all-in-one and a broken-up section. Added links to the code on github, in theory (haven't tested the macros yet)


Taking still photos with WebRTC

Finished updating HTML segment. JavaScript part after daughter has gone to sleep.

Solaris 10 Build Prerequisites

Solaris 10 Build Prerequisites

Solaris_10_Build_Prerequisites Archive/Solaris_10_build_prerequisites