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oleacc.idl is a Microsoft COM IDL file which is required to build Mozilla accessibility features on Windows.

The error "System header oleacc.idl is not available" indicates that your do not have a copy of this file in your INCLUDE directory. This is caused by a bug in the Windows Vista version of the Microsoft Platform SDK, which forgot to include the file.

Use the Professional Version of Microsoft Visual C++

The profesional version of Microsoft Visual C++ comes with the oleacc.idl header.

Use the Windows 2003 SDK

The Windows 2003 SDK is a free download and comes with oleacc.idl.

Warning: Unfortunately, the Vista or Windows 2008 SDKs are required to build Mozilla normally, because of dependencies on Vista-specific APIs. We are actively working to resolve this problem so that you can use both the Windows 2003 and Windows Vista SDK and will release MozillaBuild 1.2.1 with a fix shortly.

Use the Windows 2008 SDK

The Windows 2008 SDK is a free download and comes with oleacc.idl.

Warning: Unfortunately, the Windows 2008 SDK doesn't come with ATL headers which are necessary for building Mozilla normally. See atlbase.h for details.

Disable Accessibility

If you do not need to build or test Mozilla accessibility support, disable it in your mozconfig file:

ac_add_options --disable-accessibility


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