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    The nsMsgViewSortType interface contains constants used for sorting the Thunderbird threadpane. This interface isn't ever implemented. It is only used to store constants. For example to sort by date you would pass a function the value:


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      Last changed in Gecko 1.9 (Firefox 3)


    Name Value Description
    byNone 0x11 Not sorted
    byDate 0x12
    bySubject 0x13
    byAuthor 0x14
    byId 0x15
    byThread 0x16
    byPriority 0x17
    byStatus 0x18
    bySize 0x19
    byFlagged 0x1a
    byUnread 0x1b
    byRecipient 0x1c
    byLocation 0x1d
    byTags 0x1e
    byJunkStatus 0x1f
    byAttachments 0x20
    byAccount 0x21
    byCustom 0x22
    byReceived 0x23


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