MDN へ貢献するには


MDN への貢献は、誤字・脱字の修正や、最新の情報への更新、間違いの修正など、簡単なことから始められます。現在見ているページを修正する場合にはページ上部に表示されている青い「編集」ボタンをクリックしてください。また、存在しないページを新規作成する場合は、 ここにあるいずれかの方法で新しくページを作成してください。あなたが作成したページはコミュニティ内のレビュワーや編集者が、作成したドキュメントがスタイルガイドに適合しているかどうかチェックしてくれます。なので、ページのデザインや装飾など最初から完璧な物を作る必要はありません。みんなで助け合いながら良いものにしていきましょう!


具体的にどのようなことをしたらよいのかは、How-to ガイドをご覧ください。






Chris Blizzard
Former Director of Evangelism, Mozilla

Blizzard oversaw and drove Mozilla Developer Center's transition from focusing on Mozilla-specific material to a community-maintained resource useful to a variety of Web developers.

Nickolay Ponomarev

Nickolay was one of the earliest contributors, helping with the initial DevEdge clean-up effort. He has continued contributing in many areas, both for Web standards and Mozilla products, ever since.

Andrew Overholt
Engineering Manager

Andrew leads developers on the Web API team. As part of his job, he encourages all DOM and API developers to help make sure documentation is great by providing information the writing team needs, reviewing documentation, and assisting with sample code. This example makes the MDN team very, very happy.

Jérémie Patonnier
Project Manager

Jérémie began contributing to MDN in 2011 by documenting SVG properties, because he needed this information for his own work. Jérémie has become a leader in the MDN French community, hosting regular "Mercredi Docs" (Wednesday Docs) sessions in the Mozilla Paris office. Currently, he is leading efforts to create the Learning area and to improve and regularize browser compatibility data across MDN.

Julien (Sphinx)

Julien contributed the "lion's share" of effort to translate the entire JavaScript section of MDN into French. Many other contributors also helped in this effort, but Julien spent many nights and weekends over several months, translating JavaScript articles.

Jeff Walden
Software Engineer, JavaScript Engine

Jeff Walden is now on the SpiderMonkey team, who has contributed to MDN since its beginning, and across many topic areas, including XPCOM, Mozilla build and test, JavaScript, CSS, and more.

Priyanka Nag

Priyanka Nag joined MDN in 2012, but she became active with the MDN community only after the Mozilla Summit in 2013, where she met and worked with Luke Crouch and David Walsh from the MDN development team; this acted as her main inspiration to start contributing to MDN. Priyanka mainly enjoys evangelizing MDN, hosting MDN events and introducing more people to MDN, along with making some edits on the wiki at times. She is currently working as a Technical writer at Red Hat and she proudly claims that her interest in technical writing started through her MDN contributions, which ended up influencing her career decision in a great way.

Saurabh Nair

Saurabh has been contributing to MDN since 2011, and became more active in the last year. He is on the “spam watch” team, who look out for spam pages, deleting them and banning the spammers as soon as they appear. Since he lives in India, he can do this while MDN staff members in Europe and North America are sleeping.

Sebastian Zartner

Sebastian's first contributions to MDN were in 2007, to German translations, but he soon started working on English ones. He has has contributed a lot to both the content and structure of the CSS reference, including creating a JSON API for CSS pages, and a macro for CSS syntax.

Mozilla docs for JavaScript are made from a mixture of gold and rainbows. Lots of rainbows. They're that magical.
Nathan Dimitriades
I love MDN because I can't even remember the structure of APIs I designed.
Jake Archibald