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WebRTCはいくつもの相互関係のAPIとデータやメディアを2以上のピアを張って交換するプロトコルから出来ています。 この記事では簡潔にをそれぞれのAPIとそれを提供する目的を紹介します。


Before media can be exchanged, or a data channel established, you need to link two peers together. This is accomplished using the RTCPeerConnection interface.


The MediaStream interface represents a stream of media data being transmitted from one peer to another. This stream consists of one or more tracks; typically this is an audio track and a video track. A stream can transmit live media (for audio calls or videoconferencing) or stored media (such as a streamed movie).


WebRTCは2ピア間で任意のバイナリデータを相互に転送するためのコネクションを張ります。これはRTCDataChannelインターフェースを使用することで実現できます 。

This can be used for back-channel information, or even as your primary channel for exchanging any kind of data you wish. For games, it could be used to implement multiplayer support, transmitting player movement updates and the like back and forth.