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    Tinderbox is a webtool that Mozilla developers previously used to check whether the current source code compiles on various platforms and passes automated test suites. It has been replaced by Tinderboxpushlog (tbpl), and will be completely decommissioned in bug 843383.

    Available trees


    This information no longer accurately reflects the organization of Mozilla's build infrastructure.  It is left here only as as documentation of Tinderbox's operation and use.  See Mozilla automated testing for a description of the current system.

    Mozilla runs build computers ("Tinderboxes") that continually build the latest source code; the tinderbox webtool shows the status of these builds. Use the tables there to find out the status of the source tree for the platform, product, and code branch you are interested in.

    • The green bar means the latest code (in cvs/hg) compiles and passes the tests that are run on the box.
    • Red means the build failed during compilation, so your build likely will fail too (provided you're using a similar toolset).
    • Orange means the binary was built successfully, but failed some of the tests.
    • Finally, if yellow, the build is in process.

    Full output from a particular build is also available from the tinderbox page. These (rather large) pages can be used to figure out why the tree is red or orange.

    Tinderbox also reports the results of various performance tests such as Tp or Txul. Mozilla developers frequently check these numbers to observe the effect of code changes on performance; a change that sufficiently slows performance may be backed out.

    Types of boxes

    • Nightly Clobber builds, go into update system
    • Build Dependent builds
    • Leak test build Debug build, then do leak tests
    • Unit test Compile & run test suites (xpcshell-tests etc)
    • Talos performance testing on bits produced by build boxes
    • Static analysis catalogs compiler warnings and runs Dehydra analyses. The static analysis box is maintained by bsmedberg rather than the release team, and is considered tier 2.

    Downloading the tinderbox builds

    You can also directly access and download the builds that have recently been produced by tinderbox on the Mozilla FTP : for other applications, replacing /firefox/ by /thunderbird/   /seamonkey/   /calendar/lightning/   etc.)
    This gives you access to builds that are even more frequently updated than the nightly, and also, inside the directories ending with "-debug", to builds that have been produced in debug mode and will be easier to use with a debugger.

    Other downloadable files

    You can access files other than logs and builds generated by Tinderbox.

    •  * includes all the test files generated. You can use this for testing purposes, as the mochitests, reftests and other test harnesses can be run from here, given a working binary.
    • * used for debugging
    • *.checksums
    • *.langpack.xpi