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  1. バックグラウンドテーマって何?

    バックグラウンドテーマは、ブラウザの見た目(スキン)を簡単に変更することができ、インストールも簡単です。登録された数十万のテーマの中から好きなものを選ぶことができるんです。 毎日ぞくぞく登録されています。 あなたに合うデザインをを探してみよう!

  2. どんなパソコン、OSで使えるんですか?

    Firefoxがインストールされているパソコンであれば、利用することができます。 Mac, Linux, Windows, Android もOKです。

  3. バックグラウンドテーマ と 完全なテーマ の違いは?


    バックグラウンドテーマは、ブラウザのヘッダーとフッターの背景画像のみを変更します。 プレビューや変更もクリックひとつで行えます。簡単ですよ。


  1. バックグラウンドテーマを使いたいけど、どうすればいい?

    あっという間にインストール! 気が付けばFirefoxのデザインが変わっています。気になるテーマにマウスを重ねるだけでプレビューします。緑のテーマ追加のボタンをクリックするだけで、なんとテーマがインストール。気に入ったら有効化のボタンを押してテーマを反映させましょう。メニュー > アドオン > テーマ で簡単にテーマの切り替えができます。

  2. お金がかかったりしませんか?


Using Background Themes

  1. How do I change my current Background Theme?

    There are two easy ways to change your theme. You can either:

    • Visit the gallery, choose your favorite theme, and click on your choice to instantly change the look of your browser.
    • Once a theme is installed, it is saved in the Add-ons Manager, where you can enable or disable them as you wish. Simply go to the Tools > Add-ons menu and click on the Appearance tab.
  2. If I have a Complete Theme installed, will Background Themes still work?

    Yes. If you have a non-default Complete Theme installed, Firefox will automatically switch to a default theme in order to allow you to use your choice of Background Theme designs.

  3. How do I undo a Background Theme?

    To undo the design you most recently selected, go to Tools > Add-ons in the menu bar and select the Appearance tab. Next to the theme you want to undo, click the Disable button.

  4. How do I provide feedback?

    We're always looking for ways to improve themes, and would love to hear what you think. Visit the themes forum to send us your feedback.

Creating Your Own Themes

  1. Can I create my own Theme?

    Absolutely! All you need to do is create two graphics files in your favorite graphics editing program (e.g., Photoshop). To get started read more about how to create a theme.

  2. Are there any content guidelines?

    Yes. We are big fans of creativity, but want to ensure that the art displayed in the Themes gallery meets a basic set of guidelines. Please review the Terms of Service for authoritative and complete language, but the following gives you an overview of the requirements:

    • You either own all the elements of your design OR you are authorized worldwide to reproduce and distribute them (and allow others to do so) by the owner or the law.
    • Your design does not contain sexually explicit or offensive content.
    • Your design does not include identifiable elements of any non-celebrity person(s) other than yourself or individuals who have given you permission to do so.
    • Your design does not depict violence or Nazi imagery, nor is it discriminatory or hateful.
    • Your design does not relate to gambling.
    • Your design does not violate any applicable law or regulation or the rights of any person or entity.

      Also, note that your design needs to be suitable for the Background Themes format (see guidelines), of usable quality, and not duplicative of a prior submission. Finally, while Mozilla does provide guidelines for submissions, Mozilla retains the discretion to reject or remove designs for any reason. In some cases, this is necessary for legal reasons, but it also allows us to maintain the integrity of the site.

      Learn more about how to create cool theme designs.

  3. Do I still retain ownership over artwork that I upload?

    Yes. Your artwork will always be your artwork.

  4. After creating a Background Theme, can I edit the design?

    Yes. If at any point you need to edit or delete your theme design after it has been submitted to the gallery, you can access it from the Submissions dashboard. From there, you can view your current designs. By clicking on each, you can make changes to each design's settings.

  5. What's the maximum file size allowable for my Background Theme?

    The theme you upload may not exceed 300 KB for the header or the footer image.

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