The about: Protocol; information about FireFox

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There is a lot of useful information about Firefox hidden away behind the 'about:' URL protocol.  The most useful is the URL   about:config  which displays 'preferences' and setting that you can inspect and change.  The complete list of URLs in the pseudo protocol 'about:' is:

  • about:credits
  • about:mozilla
  • about:plugins
  • about:config
  • about:crashes
  • about:logo
  • about:buildconfig
  • about:license
  • about:about
  • about:neterror
  • about:blank   (defined somewhere else)

(These URLs are defined in mozilla/docshell/base/nsAboutRedirector.cpp  kRedirMap in the source code.  The kRedir array maps most of the URLs, like 'config' to URLs in the chrome: pseudo protocol, such as: "chrome://global/content/config.xul"  The about location information is duplicated in /mozilla/docshell/build/nsDocShellModule.cpp)


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