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    TPS Tab Lists

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    A tabs asset list is an array of objects with the following keys:

    • uri: the uri of the tab, required.
    • title: the title of the tab, optional. If specified, only used during verify actions.
    • profile: the name of the profile the tab belongs to. Required for verify actions.

    For example:

    var tabs1 = [  
      { uri: "",
        title: "Crossweave Test Page 1",
        profile: "profile1"
      { uri: "data:text/html,<html><head><title>Hello</title></head><body>Hello</body></html>",
        title: "Hello",
        profile: "profile1"

    Tab lists and phase actions

    Tabs cannot be modified or deleted, only added or verified with the following functions:

    • Tabs.add - opens the specified tabs in the browser window.
    • Tabs.verify - verifies that the specified tabs can be found in the specified profile.
    • Tabs.verifyNot - verifies that the specified tabs cannot be found in the specified profile.

    There are a handful of static pages at which can be used for tab testing, and data: url's can be used as well.


    See the TPS tabs unit test:


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