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    Rhino downloads archive

    Older versions of Rhino are archived here; for the most recent versions see Rhino downloads.

    You can download binary distributions of Rhino from

    All versions of Rhino 1.6 implement E4X using XMLBeans library and if you would like to use E4X you need to add <tt>xbean.jar</tt> from XMLBeans distribution to your class path.

    リリース リリース日 変更ログ ダウンロードリンク
    Rhino 1.6R6 2007-07-30 New in Rhino 1.6R6
    Rhino 1.6R5 2006-11-19 Same code as 1.6R4, but relicensed under MPL/GPL.
    Rhino 1.6R4 2006-09-10 bug 343976
    Rhino 1.6R3 2006-07-24 Changes in 1.6R3
    Rhino 1.6R2 2005-09-19 Changes in 1.6R2
    Rhino 1.6R1 2004-11-29 Changes in 1.6R1
    Rhino 1.5R5 2004-03-25 Changes in 1.5R5
    Rhino 1.5R4.1 2003-04-21 Changes in 1.5R4.1
    Rhino 1.5R4 2003-02-10 Changes in 1.5R4
    Rhino 1.5R3 2002-01-27 Changes in 1.5R3
    Rhino 1.5R2 2001-07-27 Changes in 1.5R2
    Rhino 1.5R1 2000-09-10 Changes in 1.5R1
    Rhino 1.4R3 1999-05-10 Initial public release

    If you are looking for <tt>js.jar</tt> for XSLT or for IBM's Bean Scripting Framework (BSF), please read the following note and then download one of the zip files above and unzip it.


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