Rhino downloads archive

Older versions of Rhino are archived here; for the most recent versions see Rhino downloads.

You can download binary distributions of Rhino from ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/js/.

All versions of Rhino 1.6 implement E4X using XMLBeans library and if you would like to use E4X you need to add <tt>xbean.jar</tt> from XMLBeans distribution to your class path.

リリース リリース日 変更ログ ダウンロードリンク
Rhino 1.6R6 2007-07-30 New in Rhino 1.6R6 rhino1_6R6.zip
Rhino 1.6R5 2006-11-19 Same code as 1.6R4, but relicensed under MPL/GPL. rhino1_6R5.zip
Rhino 1.6R4 2006-09-10 bug 343976 rhino1_6R4.zip
Rhino 1.6R3 2006-07-24 Changes in 1.6R3 rhino1_6R3.zip
Rhino 1.6R2 2005-09-19 Changes in 1.6R2 rhino1_6R2.zip
Rhino 1.6R1 2004-11-29 Changes in 1.6R1 rhino1_6R1.zip
Rhino 1.5R5 2004-03-25 Changes in 1.5R5 rhino1_5R5.zip
Rhino 1.5R4.1 2003-04-21 Changes in 1.5R4.1 rhino15R41.zip
Rhino 1.5R4 2003-02-10 Changes in 1.5R4 rhino15R4.zip
Rhino 1.5R3 2002-01-27 Changes in 1.5R3 rhino15R3.zip
Rhino 1.5R2 2001-07-27 Changes in 1.5R2 rhino15R2.zip
Rhino 1.5R1 2000-09-10 Changes in 1.5R1 rhino15R1.zip
Rhino 1.4R3 1999-05-10 Initial public release rhino14R3.zip

If you are looking for <tt>js.jar</tt> for XSLT or for IBM's Bean Scripting Framework (BSF), please read the following note and then download one of the zip files above and unzip it.