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dria's notes

I think the navigation bar needs to be absolutely consistent among all parts of the site, and not have any context-specific features.

  • "News" always links to the front page of the Mozilla Developer News weblog.
  • "Documentation" always links to the front page of the Devmo Wiki (English).
  • "Links/Resources" always links to the front page of the Mozilla Webwatch weblog.
  • "Community" always links to a page that provides links to and information about all community facilities we provide: mailing lists/ newsgroups, IRC information and channels, web forums (if we ever have them), etc.
  • I think we might want to have a "Home" button that always goes to the absolute front page of the site (static page).
  • "About" should link to the "Devmo:About" page in the En wiki.

The subsite-specific facilities (login (wiki, webwatch), language (wiki), edit options (wiki), submit a link (webwatch), account management (wiki, webwatch)...etc.) needs a common location. I'm not sure where these could/should go. Possibly in the side bar?

Context-sensitive links: We want these, I'm just not sure how to do them at this time. Would it be sufficient to have them as part of the Topic pages for now? I don't really have a good example of this at the moment, but the existing CSS Topic page might give you a general idea:

beltzner's rider

I agree that the navigation options of the bar should be 100% consistent, and I think we can do what you describe above throught a clever implementation where the skins for both the wiki and the weblog templates publish pages with the same header.

I'm also happy with things like "submit a link" and "discuss" being in the sidebar, as they are directy related to the content being viewed. "Login" and "language" and "account prefs", though ... I'd really like to have those in the top nav bar if it's at all doable. I think the issues with that are:

I would personally be content with a "mini-bar" of some sort, above the "main content"/navbar (layout wise, not necessarily content-order-wise); which has text like "Wiki Login" etc. for the wiki, and "DevNews"/"WebWatch" Logins for the blogs, and similar "area specific" links. --Callek 20:01, 20 Jul 2005 (PDT)
  • what happens when a user moves from the wiki to the weblog? if they haven't set up their cookies, they'll get logged out.
    • this really is a concern no matter where the function is located, though
    • we could default the settings to leave a cookie, or strongly recommend it
    • when in the weblog, we could grey out the buttons or represent the function as unavailable in some other way
  • is there any way to share accounts bewteen the wiki and the weblogs
    • is that something we'd even want to do?
    • who's writing to the weblogs? I thought devnews was pretty heavily restricted
      • DevNews is absolutely restricted, WebWatch is restricted for publishing but anyone can submit a post for consideration. dria 08:41, 20 Jul 2005 (PDT)


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