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    The following are general guidelines regarding the categories of content that are acceptable on MDC.

    Open Web standards and development

    The current focus of our Web standards documentation is on features that can used by Web developers creating site and applications for a broad audience today. That means things that are implemented by multiple browsers and are either accepted as standard or are progressing towards standardization.

    Examples (not a complete list):

    Also welcome are topics that cut across technologies but are relevant to Web development, such as:

    Mozilla Web APIs


    Mozilla project development


    Mozilla libraries and APIs

    Mozilla add-on development

    Information on creating add-ons for Mozilla products. Examples:

    Mozilla products and projects


    User profiles

    MDN provides two types of user profile pages, thanks to the hybrid of technologies that make up this site:

    MDN user profiles
    A structured profile, located at (linked from the header when you are logged in). You can fill in information about yourself, including a photo, bio, and links to other sites where you have a presence. Use the Interests field to tag yourself with topic areas you are interested in.
    Wiki user pages
    Normal, editable free-form wiki page, located at (linked from your username where it appears within the wiki, such as history pages). Please do not use tags on these pages. You can use this space as a work area, sandbox, notebook, etc.

    User profiles should reflect a human being, not a business or organization. A moderate degree of self-promotion is OK, but link-spamming is not. Please do not use your profile to upload personal photos or other irrelevant files.


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