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    #include <plhash.h>
    typedef struct PLHashAllocOps {
      void *(PR_CALLBACK *allocTable)(void *pool, PRSize size);
      void (PR_CALLBACK *freeTable)(void *pool, void *item);
      PLHashEntry *(PR_CALLBACK *allocEntry)(void *pool, const void *key);
      void (PR_CALLBACK *freeEntry)(void *pool, PLHashEntry *he, PRUintn flag);
    } PLHashAllocOps;
    #define HT_FREE_VALUE 0 /* just free the entry's value */
    #define HT_FREE_ENTRY 1 /* free value and entire entry */


    Users of the hash table functions can provide their own memory allocation functions. A pair of functions is used to allocate and tree the table, and another pair of functions is used to allocate and free the table entries.

    The first argument, pool, for all four functions is a void * pointer that is a piece of data for the memory allocator. Typically pool points to a memory pool used by the memory allocator.

    The freeEntry function does not need to free the value of the entry. If flag is HT_FREE_ENTRY, the function frees the entry.


    The key argument for the allocEntry function does not seem to be useful. It is unused in the default allocEntry function.


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