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子要素をいくつでも含むことができるコンテナ要素です。これは box 要素と同等のものです。

詳しい情報は XUL チュートリアルにあります。

<!-- Two button on the right -->
  <spacer flex="1"/>
  <button label="Connect"/>
  <button label="Ping" />


XUL 要素からの継承
align, allowevents, allownegativeassertions, class, coalesceduplicatearcs, collapsed, container, containment, context, contextmenu, datasources, dir, empty, equalsize, flags, flex, height, hidden, id, insertafter, insertbefore, left, maxheight, maxwidth, menu, minheight, minwidth, mousethrough, observes, ordinal, orient, pack, persist, popup, position, preference-editable, querytype, ref, removeelement, sortDirection, sortResource, sortResource2, statustext, style, template, tooltip, tooltiptext, top, uri, wait-cursor, width


XUL 要素からの継承
align, , allowEvents, , boxObject, builder, , , , className, , , , , collapsed, contextMenu, controllers, database, datasources, dir, , , flex, height, hidden, id, , , left, , maxHeight, maxWidth, menu, minHeight, minWidth, , , , , , , observes, ordinal, orient, , pack, , persist, , , , ref, resource, , , , , statusText, style, ,, tooltip, tooltipText, top, width


box, vbox



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