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Deprecated/Defunct Markup

ここに挙げた XUL タグおよび属性は破棄されていなくても非推奨です。



  • <actions> (listed here (by mistake or was it a container tag?)
  • <autorepeatbutton> (action occurs repeatedly on mouse hover--used to construct other elements; used in <arrowscrollbox> and large drop-down menus)
  • <bulletinboard> (made to support left/top styles, but <stack> can now do as well)
  • <gripper> (inside of <scrollbar><thumb>; not to be used by itself)
  • <listboxbody> (internal use only; part of XBL for <listbox>)
  • <menubutton> (experiment in combining buttons and menus; use <button type> instead)
  • <nativescrollbar> (displayed a native scrollbar; had been for Mac only with native themes on)
  • <outliner> (former name for <tree>; <listbox> had been "<tree>")
  • <popup> (Use menupopup)
  • <package> (no longer present but in older documentation)
  • <scrollbarbutton> (button at end of scrollbar; had been only within larger <scrollbar>)
  • <sidebarheader>
  • <slider> (clickable tray in <scrollbar> which holds <thumb>; do not use alone)
  • <spinner> (spinbox; <spinbuttons> with a textbox whereby spinning affects value in textbox; not usable)
  • <spring> (use @flex instead)
  • <strut> (replaced by @debug?)
  • <tabcontrol> (contained tabbox and tabpanel)
  • <text> (like <label> or <description> but does not wrap; like <label crop="end">; had been used in menus/toolbars)
  • <textfield> (like <textbox>)
  • <thumb> (<button> with deprecated <gripper>; implements sliding box in center of scrolbar)
  • <title> (to add a caption on a <titledbox>
  • <titledbox> (box with a frame)
  • <titledbutton> (attempt to combine text and images before <button>)
  • <toolbarpaletteitem>
  • <treebody> (old/experimental and unsupported XUL tags)
  • <treecaption> (old/experimental and unsupported XUL tags)
  • <treecolgroup> (former name for <treecols>
  • <treecolpicker> (internal use only; part of XBL for <tree>)
  • <treefoot> (old/experimental and unsupported XUL tags)
  • <treeindentation> (old/experimental and unsupported XUL tags)
  • <treeicon> (old/experimental and unsupported XUL tags)
  • <treerows> (internal use only; part of XBL for <tree>)


  • @debug="true" provided struts and springs around boxes to facilitate identification of flex issues but does not seem to work now



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