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    List of Former Mozilla-Based Applications

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    The following is a list of all known applications that at one point used Mozilla technologies or that are no longer being actively maintained.

    A list of actively maintained Mozilla-based applications is also available.

    Applications that switched to another technology

    Name Description Additional Information
    Angelsoft Tools for Startups, VCs, and Angel Investors Switched from XULRunner-based client to a web application
    Autodesk Maya 3d modeling tool Switched off of Gecko for help browser in version 8.5
    Blam Feed reader Switched to WebKit in version 1.8.6
    Boxee Media center software Switched to WebKit in version 1.0
    Epiphany Browser Switched from Gecko to Webkit
    Flock Social browsing Flock switched from being Firefox-based to Chromium-based when it released a new beta on June 16, 2010
    Jolicloud web operating system As of March 2010, RW/W reports Jolicloud is on Chrome/Chrome OS
    Joost TV over Internet Switched from XULRunner-based client to a web application
    Liferea News aggregator Switched to WebKit in version 1.6
    ManyOne Browser Browser Originally Mozilla-based but now I believe the have a web-based tool (need reference for that)
    Miro (formerly Democracy Player) Video Switched from XULRunner to WebKit in version 3.0.2
    Moblin Browser Browser When Moblin became Meego it switched from a custom Gecko-based browser to Chrome
    Nautilus File manager Hasn't used Mozilla code since version 2.0
    Raptr client Gaming client Was a XULRunner app initially but now uses Adobe AIR
    Rift Technologies Software installation over Internet No longer using Mozilla technology -- need confirmation and details
    Second Life Virtual world desktop client Switched from embedded Mozilla browser to a plugin architecture with a qtwebkit plugin

    Applications that are no longer being developed

    Name Description Additional Information
    Aphrodite Browser Inactive
    AOL client for Mac Internet software No longer available
    Beonex Communicator Internet software Last news item on site from 2004
    Chameleon Theme builder Inactive
    Civil Netizen P2P file delivery (email attachment replacement) Site not updated since 2006
    CompuServe client Internet software No longer available
    DocZilla SGML/XML/HTML browser Last release on site from July 2005
    Fabula Language learning application Inactive
    Galeon Browser Last news item on site from September 2006
    GencatRSS RSS reader Domain switched over to domain parking service
    Ghostzilla Browser Archived version of Ghostzilla site from 2005
    HomeBase Desktop Operating environment for Internet computers No longer available
    HP Printer Assistant Printer utility Hall of Fame page mentions that this used an embedded version of Mozilla at some point but I can't find reference to current status (may still be using Mozilla code?)
    ICEbrowser Java browser SDK Uses Mozilla Rhino --EOL'ed in 2009
    (jin'sync) office app launcher Download page last updated on 12/21/06
    Kylix Compiler and integrated development environment Borland discontinued this product. Old article available about How Borland embedded Mozilla in Kylix 2
    Mango IM client Last news item on site from January 2007
    MobiDVD DVD/VCD/CD ripping software Site down
    Mozilla Suite Internet application suite Development shifted to Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey applications
    Netscape Navigator Browser Support for Netscape ended on February 1, 2008
    NVU Web authoring tool Development stopped in 2005 and is being continued as an unofficial bugfix release by the KompoZer project
    Pogo browser from AT&T Site no longer accessible as of May 2009
    Pyro Desktop Desktop environment Last news item on site from July 2007
    Script Editor Editor Inactive
    SkipStone GTK+ browser Last news item on site from February 2008
    Xabyl Visual XBL editor Inactive
    XULPlayer media player Last project update on 3/14/09
    Zoomcreator Photo collage tool On April 29, 2010 the site announced Zoomara was shutting down. The authoring part of this app was XulRunner based.

    Other places to find former Mozilla-based applications:


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