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    The current official git mirror of mozilla-central can be found at  If you are looking to work with other Mozilla branches, might also be of use.  There is also an etherpad which attempts to describe how to use git to interact with mozilla-central.

    For historical reference, the rest of this page describes how you could maintain your own mirror - but almost everyone should be able to use the URL above.

    Maintaining your own Mercurial mirror of mozilla-central

    The rest of this page is for historical reference only - most people can ignore it and it's almost certainly out of date - refer to the information above.

    The most commonly used Mercurial mirror is at

    This repository is synced using hg-git. The git-mapfile for it is available at

    Bootstrapping a hg-git repo

    hg clone mozilla-central-hg-git

    cd mozilla-central-hg-git/.hg


    bunzip2 git-mapfile.bz2

    git clone git:// --bare git

    cd ../

    # sync up what's left

    hg gexport


     -R can be used for specifying a repository other than nearest .hg
    e.g. hg -R ../mozilla-central-hg-git push .

    Things that would be nice to be able to do

    use try-server

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