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ユーザエージェント プロパティ 読み取り専用 データ型 デフォルト値
Gecko-1.0.1 appCodeName true string Mozilla
Gecko-1.4 appCodeName true string Mozilla
Gecko-1.7.8 appCodeName true string Mozilla
IE-6.0 appCodeName true string Mozilla
Opera-8.0 appCodeName false string Mozilla
IE-6.0 appMinorVersion true string [hotfixes installed]
Opera-8.0 appMinorVersion false string
Gecko-1.0.1 appName true string Netscape
Gecko-1.4 appName true string Netscape
Gecko-1.7.8 appName true string Netscape
IE-6.0 appName true string Microsoft Internet Explorer
Opera-8.0 appName false string Microsoft Internet Explorer
Gecko-1.0.1 appVersion true string depends on Operating System
Gecko-1.4 appVersion true string 5.0 ([platform]; [language];)
Gecko-1.7.8 appVersion true string 5.0 ([platform]; [language])
IE-6.0 appVersion true string 4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; ...)
Opera-8.0 appVersion false string 4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; [platform]; [language])
IE-6.0 browserLanguage true string [depends on language]
Opera-8.0 browserLanguage false string en
Gecko-1.0.1 cookieEnabled true boolean true
Gecko-1.4 cookieEnabled true boolean true
Gecko-1.7.8 cookieEnabled true boolean false
IE-6.0 cookieEnabled true boolean true
Opera-8.0 cookieEnabled false boolean true
IE-6.0 cpuClass true string depends on CPU
Gecko-1.0.1 javaEnabled true function
Gecko-1.4 javaEnabled true function
Gecko-1.7.8 javaEnabled true function
IE-6.0 javaEnabled true function
Opera-8.0 javaEnabled true function
Gecko-1.0.1 language true string depends on default language
Gecko-1.4 language true string en-US
Gecko-1.7.8 language true string en-US
Opera-8.0 language false string en
Gecko-1.0.1 mimeTypes true object [object MimeTypeArray]
Gecko-1.4 mimeTypes true object [object MimeTypeArray]
Gecko-1.7.8 mimeTypes true object [object MimeTypeArray]
IE-6.0 mimeTypes true object
Opera-8.0 mimeTypes false object [object MimeTypes]
IE-6.0 onLine true boolean true
IE-6.0 opsProfile true object
Gecko-1.0.1 oscpu true string depends on Operating System
Gecko-1.4 oscpu true string
Gecko-1.7.8 oscpu true string [depends on Operating System]
Gecko-1.0.1 platform true string depends on Operating System
Gecko-1.4 platform true string
Gecko-1.7.8 platform true string [depends on Operating System]
IE-6.0 platform true string depends on Operating System
Opera-8.0 platform false string [depends on Operating System]
Gecko-1.0.1 plugins true object [object PluginArray]
Gecko-1.4 plugins true object [object PluginArray]
Gecko-1.7.8 plugins true object [object PluginArray]
IE-6.0 plugins true object
Opera-8.0 plugins false object [object PluginArray]
Gecko-1.0.1 preference true function
Gecko-1.4 preference true function
Gecko-1.7.8 preference true function
Gecko-1.0.1 product true string Gecko
Gecko-1.4 product true string Gecko
Gecko-1.7.8 product true string Gecko
Gecko-1.0.1 productSub true string CCYYMMDD - build date
Gecko-1.4 productSub true string CCYYMMDD
Gecko-1.7.8 productSub true string 20050511
Gecko-1.0.1 securityPolicy true string
Gecko-1.4 securityPolicy true string
Gecko-1.7.8 securityPolicy true string
IE-6.0 systemLanguage true string depends on default langauge
Gecko-1.0.1 taintEnabled true function
Gecko-1.4 taintEnabled true function
Gecko-1.7.8 taintEnabled true function false
IE-6.0 taintEnabled true function
Opera-8.0 taintEnabled true function
Gecko-1.0.1 userAgent true string Mozilla/5.0 (...; rv:1.0.1) Gecko/CCYYMMDD Vendor/version
Gecko-1.4 userAgent true string Mozilla/5.0 (...; rv:1.4) Gecko/20030624
Gecko-1.7.8 userAgent true string Mozilla/5.0 (...; rv:1.7.8) Gecko/20050511
IE-6.0 userAgent true string Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; ...)
Opera-8.0 userAgent false string Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; ...) Opera 8.0
IE-6.0 userLanguage true string depends on default langauge
Opera-8.0 userLanguage false string en
IE-6.0 userProfile true object
Gecko-1.0.1 vendor true string empty if Mozilla, otherwise matches Vendor in userAgent
Gecko-1.4 vendor true string
Gecko-1.7.8 vendor true string
Gecko-1.0.1 vendorSub true string empty if Mozilla, otherwise matches version in userAgent
Gecko-1.4 vendorSub true string
Gecko-1.7.8 vendorSub true string


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