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DHTML は "dynamic HTML" の略称です。 一般的に、DHTML は Flash や Java のようなプラグインを使わずに動くインタラクティブな Web ページの裏側のコードとして使われています。 用語は、Web 開発者が利用可能な HTML, CSS, Document Object Model および JavaScript の機能を集めた総称です。


DOM Client Object Cross-Reference
This client object reference provides information on the common objects used in DHTML, and are intended to help you determine which properties are supported in each browser.
DHTML Demonstrations Using DOM/Style
Document Object Model (DOM) demonstrations, Cross-browser widgets, and additional resources for learning about the DOM.
Working around the Firefox 1.0.3 DHTML regression
Please note that the issues covered by this article have been fixed for the Firefox 1.0.4 release, and this document applies strictly to the 1.0.3 version of the browser.

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