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次のテキストをテキストファイルにコピー・アンド・ペーストし、chrome.manifest のファイル名で保存します。

skin global My_Theme jar:chrome/My_Theme.jar!/global/
skin mozapps My_Theme jar:chrome/My_Theme.jar!/mozapps/
skin messenger My_Theme jar:chrome/My_Theme.jar!/messenger/
skin messenger-newsblog My_Theme jar:chrome/My_Theme.jar!/messenger-newsblog/
skin communicator My_Theme jar:chrome/My_Theme.jar!/communicator/
skin help My_Theme jar:chrome/My_Theme.jar!/help/
skin navigator My_Theme jar:chrome/My_Theme.jar!/navigator/
skin editor My_Theme jar:chrome/My_Theme.jar!/editor/


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